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Greetings entrepreneur,

Recently I came across an amazing opportunity which I want to share with you.

It's called Four Corners Alliance Group, and it costs only $18 to join.

Despite the tiny price tag, the potential return is extraordinary.

This international program is special, and it's starting to catch fire now that some top Internet marketers are getting involved.

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OK, so what can you get for just $18 these days? Actually, the upside potential is enormous. There are 7 ways to make money here, making Four Corners a major passive income opportunity. I'll only mention 2 ways to keep it simple:

First way to make money:

1) Your downline can pay you up to $559,824.00 from their automatic purchase of products. That's the first way to get paid. (They don't even have to be sponsored by you)

The second way is even better:

2) There is a 100% match that you earn from every member that you personally sponsor. So when Alice (who you personally sponsored) gets paid $10.00 from her downline, you AUTOMATICALLY get paid the SAME amount ($10.00) at the same time!

There is a potential to earn up to $559,824.00 from everyone you personally sponsor. This is called multiple 100% matching commissions. And this is also an amazing incentive for every member to find new members.

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Everything is done automatically - the product sales, the product buys - the process is kept super simple. These guys (and gals) know exactly what they are doing.

The products are all financial literacy ebooks (like precious metal investing) which are purchased and delivered online automatically.

You can promote this opportunity entirely online if you want - and most members do.

There's absolutely NO requirement to sponsor anyone, but everyone that you personally sponsor will entitle you to a 100% match of what they earn, so it's in your best interest to sponsor as many new members as possible.

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Some affiliate programs have ongoing "PV" fees to remain an active affiliate. So I asked Four Corners to clarify their policy, and this was their answer:
                 "Subject: Remaining an Active Affiliate
                           Dear Member:
                                   The $10 PV has never been enforced and the Administration
                                   feels right now that it never will be."
After the initial $18, there are no more maintenance fees or out-of-pocket expenses. So there is absolutely NO reason for anyone to quit! This one is a real no-brainer.

So what are you waiting for? Get in on this NOW!

See you on the inside.

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All the best, 

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